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North Kingsville Village has joined NOPEC, by doing this, area municipalities and townships receive lower rates for electric and gas.

NOPEC Customer Help Lines:  Electric 1-800-292-9284  & Gas 1-888-848-7914.

If you choose not to participate with NOPEC our utility companies are listed below:


First Energy Corp.

1-800-589-3101 Customer Service
1-888-544-4877 Outage Report
Gas Dominion East Ohio
1-800-362-7557 Customer Service
1-877-542-2630 Emergency
Water Aqua Ohio 1-877-987-2782 Customer Service
Great Wave
(440) 993-1700 or 1-800-347-1991
(440) 593-7140
Trash Pickup
C&C Disposal Trash Removal
Waste Management
(440) 992-0503
Cable TV
Spectrum/Time Warner
Spectrum/Time Warner
Great Wave
1-866-321-2225 New Service
1-800-892-4357 Support
(440) 593-7140
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